Demonstrating the health benefits of food bioactives: challenges and opportunities


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Tuesday 13th

08:40    Conference Opening, Paul Kroon, Chair

08:50    Food and plant bioactives for reducing cardiometabolic disease – how does the evidence stack up? Arrigo Cicero

09:20    Effects of plant sterols and stanol beyond lowering LDL cholesterol: novel dietary modulators of immune function in asthma patients. Jogchum Plat

09:50    CORDIART®, a natural polyphenol extract from sweet oranges, has superior bioavailability and improves endothelial function in healthy overweight individuals. Yala Stevens

sidebar nutrients logo10:10     Coffee break and posters

10:50     Latest evidence of the health benefits of polyphenols. Kevin Croft

11:20     Keap-1/Nrf2 signalling: a target for chemoprevention with sulforaphane?  Thomas Kensler

11:50      Dietary lutein intake for increasing physical activity: an overview.  Jonathan Buckley

12:20   Buffet lunch and posters

12:40      Short talks in the Auditorium

  • Concord Grape Juice- positive effects on cognitive function and driving performance: implications for study designs and mechanism of action.  Louise Dye
  • Acute effects of a flavonoid-rich wild blueberry intervention on mood.  Claire Williams
  • Polyphenol metabolism – in vivo – in vitro correlation requires evaluation of post-colonic hepatic metabolism.  Anna-Maria Aura
  • Biotransformation of glucosinolates by human gut bacteria to bioactive isothiocyanates.  Fatma Cebeci
  • Bioavailability and activity of antihypertensive casein-derived peptides.  Isidra Recio
  • Towards understanding the low bioavailability of quercetin.  Maria Buchweitz
  • Glycaemic response regulation through phenolic rich interventions; an integrative mechanistic approach.  Asimina Kerimi
  • Beneficial effects of Bowman-Birk inhibitors from legumes in gut health.  Alfonso Clemente

13:30      Overview of carotenoid bioavailability determinants: from dietary factors to genetic polymorphisms.  Charles Desmarchelier

14:00       The role of microbiota metabolism in the bioavailability and efficacy of polyphenols.  Francisco Tomas-Barberan

14:30       Food bioactives – interactions with gut microbiota structure and function.  Kieran Tuohy

15:00       A human intervention study to investigate the bioavailability of glucoraphanin and sulfur compounds from novel broccoli soups.  Tharsini Sivapalan

15:15       Interaction between cocoa flavonols and methylxanthines; vascular effects and flavanol absorption in humans.  Christian Heiss

15:30       Sodium caprate overcomes limitations of PepT1 saturation when orally delivering the meat-derived antihypertensive peptide Leu-Lys-Pro.  J P Gleeson

15:40    Coffee break and posters

16:20        Re-visit the mechanisms of food protein-derived ACE inhibitory peptides.  Chibuike Udenigwe

16:50        Effect of (poly)phenols on sugar absorption and metabolism.  Gary Williamson

17:20        Onset of hyportensive effect following ingestion of flavan-3-ols involved with the activation of adrenergic receptors.  Naomi Osakabi

17:35         Dietary bioactive compounds: the transcriptional responses of hepatic cultured cells reveal possible hypolipidemic strategies to prevent metabolic syndrome.  Alessandra Bordoni

17:50         Ferulic acid-4-O-sulfate as a potent vasorelaxing compound: mechanistic investigation.  Evelyn Van Rymenant

18:05         Nutrigenomic effects of long-term grapefruit juice consumption: a controlled randomised cross-over study in post-menopausal women.  Dragan Milenkovic

18:20     End


Wednesday 14th

08:40        Sulphur metabolism in Brassica and its possible relationship to human health.  Richard Mithen

09:10        Omega-3 fatty acids and brain health/neurodegenerative diseases.  Frederic Calon

09:40        Pomegranate polyphenols and their metabolites interact with VEGF to inhibit VEGFR-2 phosphorylation.  Rebecca Edwards

09:55        Variability in quercetin action.  Evert van Schothorst

10:10      Coffee break and posters

10:50        Biomarkers of nuts exposure in nutrition research.  Cristina Andres-Lacueva

11:20        Dry-cured meats as a source of bioactive peptides.  Fidel Toldra

11:50        Brown seaweeds as a novel source of bioactive compounds: exploring the impact of gastrointestinal modifications on their bioavailability and in vivo effects.  Giulia Corona

12:05     Buffet lunch and posters

12:30        Short talks in the auditorium

  • The protective effects and potential mechanisms of action of quercetin on chronic high glucose-induced mitochondrial stress in a hepatic cell model.  Michael Houghton
  • Beneficial effects of berries intake on survival and cardiac alterations induced by high salt diet in a heart failure rat model.  Catherine Brenner
  • Vasculo-protective effects of curcumin: impact on monocyte to endothelial cell adhesion and transendothelial migration in static and in shear-stress condition.  Dragan Milenkovic
  • Bioprospection of novel therapeutic (poly)phenols from a large soft-fruit germplasm collection.  Alexandre Foito
  • A comparative evaluation of antigenotoxic, antiangiogenic and free radical scavenging potential of tea types obtained from Camellia sinensis.  Amit Seghal
  • Alpha-glucosidase and DPP-IV inhibitory activities of peptides released from milk protein by Lactobacillus spp.  Prasad Subhash Patil
  • FoodComEx, a new chemical library useful for the food bioactives community.  Claudine Manach

13:30        Challenges and strategies for the identification of biologically active peptides.  Richard Fitzgerald

14:00        Development of functional agricultural products and the use of new health claim system in Japan.  Mari Maeda-Yamamoto

14:30        Health claims made on foods: lessons learnt from successful (and unsuccessful) applications for authorisation.  Silvia Valtuena Martinez

15:00        BACCHUS Toolkit: helping SMEs submit better health claim dossiers.  Siân Astley

15:15        Fortification of dark chocolate with spray-dried black mulberry (Morus nigra) waste extract encapsulated in chitosan-coated liposomes and bioacessibility studies.  Kadriye Nur Kasapoğlua

15:30     Coffee break and posters

16:10          Access and benefit sharing.  Katie Beckett

16:25         D-fagomine: a new functional ingredient in the making.  Josep Lluis Torres

16:40         Dietary exposure biomarkers and metabolic profiling technology to support a standardised validation pipeline for functional foods.  Manfred Beckman

16:55         PhytoHub V1.4: A new release for the online database dedicated to food phytochemicals and their human metabolites.  Claudine Manach

17:10         Effects of metabolism of polyphenols on their biological activity.  Daniele Del Rio

17:40         Cocoa polyphenols and the COSMOS study.  Hagan Schroeter

18:10      End

19:00     Conference dinner at St Andrew’s Hall


Thursday 15th September

09:00        Individual variation in response to lipid-lowering sterol esters and PUFAs: probing the reasons why.  Peter Jones

COST-positive09:30        Fish oils and cardiovascular health: role of apolipoprotein genotypes.  Anne Marie Minihane

10:00        Interindividual variability in the absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion of plant food bioactives.  Tom van de Wiele

10:20        Variability in the biological responsiveness of plant food bioactives regarding cardiometabolic endpoints.  Ana Rodriguiez-Mateos

10:40     Coffee break and posters

11:10         Urolithin metabotype clustering determines the effect of pomegranate consumption on lipid cardiometabolic biomarkers. Evidence from a double-blind, cross-over, dose-response, randomized, placebo-controlled trial.   Antonio Gonzales-Sarrias

11:25         Intra- and inter-individual variation in urinary excretion of metabolites of phenolic acids after consumption of coffee.  Gary Williamson

11:40         Acute intake of curcumin differently affects endothelial function and nutrigenomic response in male and female smokers: a randomized controlled trial.  N Barber-Chamoux

11:55         Inter-individual variability in response to the intake of flavonols on blood lipid levels:a meta-analysis of randomized controlled human trials.  Paula Pinto

12:10         Effect of a Functional Fruit Concentrate on post-prandial glycaemic response in pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes patients: exploring the inter-individual variation.  Teresa Serra

12:25         Inter-individual variability in the combined production of metabolites from green tea flavan-3-ols and coffee chlorogenic acids.  Pedro Mena

12:40        Closing ceremony.  Paul Kroon and Christine Morand

12:55               Buffet lunch and posters

13:50               Conference Ends